• A quadrilateral.
  • None
  • A rectangular area surrounded on all four sides by buildings.
  • The buildings bordering this area.
  • The area of land shown on one atlas sheet charted by the US Geological Survey.
  • A plane figure having four angles; a foursquare figure; a quadrilateral; in <em>mod. geom.</em>, a plane figure formed by six lines intersecting at four points.
  • A square or oblong court nearly or quite surrounded by buildings: an arrangement common with public buildings, as palaces, city halls, colleges, etc.
  • In <em>palmistry</em>, the space between the line of the heart and that of the head.
  • A square block of buildings.
  • Any square block, as of stone.
  • A region measuring 15′ lat. by 15′ long. (or 30′ lat. by 30′ long., or 1° lat, by 1° long., according to the density of tho population) as shown on an atlas sheet of the United States Geological Survey.
  • A plane figure having four angles, and consequently four sides; any figure having four angles.
  • A square or quadrangular space or inclosure, such a space or court surrounded by buildings, esp. such a court in a college or public school in England.
  • A <xref>geometric</xref> <xref>shape</xref> with <xref>four</xref> <xref>angles</xref> and <xref>four</xref> <xref>straight</xref> <xref>sides</xref>; a four-sided <xref>polygon</xref>.
  • A <xref>courtyard</xref> which is <xref>quadrangular</xref>.
  • The <xref>buildings</xref> forming the <xref>border</xref> of such a courtyard.
  • a four-sided polygon
  • a rectangular area surrounded on all sides by buildings
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