• Pertaining to a quadrant; included in the fourth part of a circle: as, a <em>quadrantal</em> space.
  • Pertaining to the quadrans; of the value of a quadrans.
  • Square.
  • A liquid measure used by the Romans, equivalent to the amphora.
  • A cube.
  • A cubical vessel containing a Roman cubic foot, each side being a Roman square foot; -- used as a measure.
  • A cube.
  • Of or pertaining to a quadrant; also, included in the fourth part of a circle.
  • a spherical triangle having one side equal to a quadrant or arc of 90°.
  • a versor that expresses rotation through one right angle.
  • An ancient <xref>Roman</xref> <xref>unit of measure</xref> for <xref>liquids</xref>.
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