• A four-footed animal.
  • None
  • Four-footed; having four limbs fitted for sustaining the body and for progression; habitually going on all fours: opposed to <em>aliped</em> and <em>biped</em>: correlated with <em>quadrumanous</em> and <em>pedimanous</em>: chiefly said of mammals, but also of four-footed reptiles, as lizards and tortoises. Compare <internalXref urlencoded="quadrumanous">quadrumanous</internalXref>.
  • A four-footed or quadruped animal: especially, a four-footed mammal, as distinguished from a <em>biped</em>, as man or a bird.
  • Having four feet.
  • An animal having four feet, as most mammals and reptiles; -- often restricted to the mammals.
  • a <xref>four-footed</xref> or <xref>four-legged</xref> <xref>animal</xref>
  • a <xref>mammal</xref> <xref>ambulating</xref> <xref>on all fours</xref>
  • having four feet
  • an animal especially a mammal having four limbs specialized for walking
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