• An edible clam <em>(Mercenaria mercenaria)</em> of the Atlantic coast of North America, having a hard rounded shell.
  • The large edible round clam of the Atlantic coast of the United States, <em>Venus mercenaria</em>, much used for soups and chowders. See <internalXref urlencoded="clam">clam</internalXref>, and cut under <internalXref urlencoded="dimyarian">dimyarian</internalXref>.
  • To dig or search for qua-hogs.
  • An American market clam (<spn>Venus mercenaria</spn>). It is sold in large quantities, and is highly valued as food. Called also <altname>round clam</altname>, and <altname>hard clam</altname>.
  • An edible <xref>clam</xref> with a hard shell found along the Atlantic Coast of North America; scientific name <xref>Venus mercenaria</xref>.
  • Very small clams used in chowders and other clam dishes.
  • To <xref>fish</xref> for quahogs.
  • Atlantic coast round clams with hard shells; large clams usually used for chowders or other clam dishes
  • an edible American clam; the heavy shells were used as money by some American Indians
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