• Charmingly odd, especially in an old-fashioned way.
  • Unfamiliar or unusual in character; strange.
  • Cleverly made or done.
  • To acquaint; inform; cause to know.
  • Elegantly.
  • Known; familiar.
  • Artful; clever; cunning; crafty; wily.
  • Artificial; ingenious; elaborate; curious; pretty; elegant; fine.
  • Fanciful; odd; whimsical: as, a <em>quaint</em> phrase; a <em>quaint</em> talker.
  • Odd and antique; old-fashioned; curious; odd in any way.
  • Affectedly nice; squeamish; prim.
  • <strong>= Syn.5.</strong> <em>Old, Antique</em>, etc. See <internalXref urlencoded="ancient">ancient</internalXref>.
  • Prudent; wise; hence, crafty; artful; wily.
  • Characterized by ingenuity or art; finely fashioned; skillfully wrought; elegant; graceful; nice; neat.
  • Curious and fanciful; affected; odd; whimsical; antique; archaic; singular; unusual
  • attractively old-fashioned (but not necessarily authentic)
  • very strange or unusual; odd or even incongruous in character or appearance
  • strange in an interesting or pleasing way
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