• Trembling; fear; agitation.
  • a. & n. from <xref urlencoded="quake">quake</xref>, v.
  • an American species of poplar (<spn>Populus tremuloides</spn>), the leaves of which tremble in the lightest breeze. It much resembles the European aspen. See <er>Aspen</er>.
  • a bog of forming peat so saturated with water that it shakes when trodden upon.
  • Rattlesnake grass (<spn>Glyceria Canadensis</spn>).
  • The <xref>action</xref> of the verb to <xref>quake</xref>.
  • That <xref>shakes</xref> or <xref>shivers</xref>.
  • Present participle of <xref>quake</xref>.
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