• Of, relating to, or concerning quality.
  • Originally, depending upon qualities; now, non-quantitative; relating to the possession of qualities without reference to the quantities involved; stating that some phenomenon occurs, but without measurement. The word occurs, according to Dr. Fitzedward Hall, in Gaule's <bt>Πῦς</bt>-<bt>μαντία</bt> (1652).
  • Relating to quality; having the character of quality.
  • analysis which merely determines the constituents of a substance without any regard to the quantity of each ingredient; -- contrasted with <ex>quantitative analysis</ex>.
  • of <xref>descriptions</xref> or <xref>distinctions</xref> based on some <xref>quality</xref> rather than on some <xref>quantity</xref>
  • of a form of <xref>analysis</xref> that yields the <xref>identity</xref> of a <xref>compound</xref>
  • Something qualitative.
  • involving distinctions based on qualities
  • relating to or involving comparisons based on qualities
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