• To determine or express the quantity of.
  • To limit the variables of (a proposition) by prefixing an operator such as <em>all</em> or <em>some.</em>
  • To determine the quantity of; modify or determine with regard to quantity; mark with the sign of quantity: as, to <internalXref urlencoded="quantify">quantify</internalXref> a syllable or a verse: more especially a term in logic.
  • To modify or qualify with respect to quantity; to determine, fix or express the quantity of; to rate.
  • To make explicit the quantity of.
  • To assign a <xref>quantity</xref> to.
  • To determine the <xref>value</xref> of (a variable or expression).
  • express as a number or measure or quantity
  • use as a quantifier
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