• Divided into or grouped in four equal parts or quarters; separated into distinct parts.
  • Lodged; stationed for lodging; of or pertaining to lodging or quarters.
  • Having hind quarters (of a specified kind): as, a <em>short-quartered</em> horse.
  • Sawed into quarters (said of a tree-trunk), and then cut into planks in such a manner as to show the grain of the wood (especially the silver grain of oak) to advantage.
  • In <em>heraldry</em>, having a square piece cut out of the center: noting a form of cross.
  • In <em>shoemaking</em>, made with quarters (of a particular kind): as, <em>low-quartered</em> shoes.
  • Divided into four equal parts or quarters; separated into four parts or regions.
  • Furnished with quarters; provided with shelter or entertainment.
  • Quarter-sawed; -- said of timber, commonly oak.
  • Simple past tense and past participle of <xref>quarter</xref>.
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