• Made up of four parts.
  • Being one of four parts.
  • Occurring or appearing at three-month intervals.
  • Having four sections. Used of a shield.
  • A publication issued regularly every three months.
  • An examination given regularly every three months in some colleges.
  • In or by quarters.
  • Containing or consisting of a fourth part.
  • Recurring at the end of every quarter of the year: as, <em>quarterly</em> payments of rent; a <em>quarterly</em> visitation or examination.
  • A publication or literary periodical issued once every three months.
  • In quarters; by quarters.
  • Once in a quarter of a year: as, the returns are made <em>quarterly.</em>
  • In <em>heraldry</em>: Arranged according to the four quarters of the shield.
  • Arranged according to quartering, even when more than four divisions exist: as, he bears <em>quarterly</em> of twelve. Compare <internalXref urlencoded="quartering">quartering</internalXref>, 4.
  • Containing, or consisting of, a fourth part.
  • Recurring during, or at the end of, each quarter
  • A periodical work published once a quarter, or four times in a year.
  • By quarters; once in a quarter of a year.
  • In quarters, or quarterings; ; in four or more parts; -- said of a shield thus divided by lines drawn through it at right angles.
  • Occurring once every <xref>quarter</xref> year (three months).
  • Once every <xref>quarter</xref> year (three months).
  • A <xref>periodical</xref> <xref>publication</xref> that appears four times per year.
  • of or relating to or consisting of a quarter
  • a periodical that is published every quarter (or four issues per year)
  • in three month intervals
  • in diagonally opposed quarters of an escutcheon
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