• Either of two South American trees, <em>Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco</em> whose bark is used in medicine, or <em>Schinopsis lorentzii</em> whose wood is an important source of tannin.
  • The bark or wood of either of these trees.
  • The name of several hard-wooded South American trees of economic value.
  • A Chilian apocynaceous tree (<spn>Aspidosperma Quebracho</spn>); also, its bark, which is used as a febrifuge, and for dyspnœa of the lung, or bronchial diseases; -- called also <altname>white quebracho</altname>, to distinguish it from the <ex>red quebracho</ex>, a Mexican anacardiaceous tree (<spn>Loxopterygium Lorentzii</spn>) whose bark is said to have similar properties.
  • A <xref>Chilean</xref> <xref>apocynaceous</xref> <xref>tree</xref>, Aspidosperma quebracho
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