• A ball or dumpling of finely chopped meat or seafood bound with eggs and poached in stock or water.
  • In <em>cookery</em>, a forcemeat ball made of a rich and delicately seasoned paste of chicken, veal, or the like. Quenelles are usually served as entrées.
  • A kind of delicate forcemeat, commonly poached and used as a dish by itself or for garnishing.
  • A light <xref>dumpling</xref> made of lightly <xref>spiced</xref> minced <xref>meat</xref> or <xref>fish</xref> bound with <xref>egg</xref> and <xref>poached</xref>.
  • An <xref>elliptical</xref> shape moulded by chefs from soft foods using two spoons.
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