• A primitive hand-turned grain mill.
  • A stone hand-mill for grinding grain.
  • The old hand-mill, or <em>quern</em>, such as Pennant sketched the Hebrides women grinding with in the last century, has not yet gone out; Dr. Mitchell says there are thousands of them at work in Scotland, where still
  • A hand-mill used for grinding pepper, mustard, and the like. Such querns were used even on the table, and as early as the sixteenth century.
  • To grind.
  • A mill for grinding grain, the upper stone of which was turned by hand; -- used before the invention of windmills and watermills.
  • A <xref>mill</xref> for grinding <xref>corn</xref>, especially a hand-mill made of two circular stones
  • To <xref>grind</xref>.
  • a primitive stone mill for grinding corn by hand
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