• None
  • Open to doubt or challenge; problematic.
  • Not yet determined or specified.
  • Of dubious morality or respectability.
  • Capable of being questioned or inquired of; inviting or seeming to invite inquiry or conversation.
  • Liable to question; suspicious; doubtful; uncertain; disputable: as, the deed is of <em>questionable</em> authority; his veracity is <em>questionable.</em>
  • Admitting of being questioned; inviting, or seeming to invite, inquiry.
  • Liable to question; subject to be doubted or called in question; problematical; doubtful; suspicious.
  • <xref>Problematic</xref>; open to <xref>doubt</xref> or <xref>challenge</xref>
  • Of <xref>dubious</xref> <xref>respectability</xref> or <xref>morality</xref>
  • subject to question
  • able to be refuted
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