• Inquiring; asking questions.
  • A pardoner; an itinerant seller of indulgences or relics.
  • A list of questions dealing with some topic, such as visualizing power, expression of emotion, mental habits, or other mental or psychophysical character easily accessible to observation, prepared for circulation among a large number of persons, the answers to which are intended to serve as the basis of a statistical treatment of the topic. The questionary was successfully employed by Darwin and F. Galton, and has been freely used of late years by G. S. Hall and his pupils.
  • A questionist.
  • Inquiring; asking questions; testing.
  • One who makes it his business to seek after relics and carry them about for sale.
  • A set of questions for submission to a group of persons for the purpose of bringing out their resemblances and differences in the matter considered. The <ex>questionary method</ex> is a recognized form of psychological investigation.
  • A <xref>questionnaire</xref>.
  • One who makes it his business to seek after <xref>relics</xref> and carry them about for sale.
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