• Any of several tropical American birds of the genera <em>Pharomachrus</em> and <em>Euptilotis</em> having brilliant bronze-green and red plumage and, in the male, long flowing tail feathers, especially <em>P. mocinno</em> of Central America.
  • None
  • The paradise-trogon, <em>Pharomacrus mocinno</em> (or <em>Calurus elegans</em>), the most magnificent of the trogons, of a golden-green and carmine color, with long airy upper tail-coverts projecting like sprays a foot or two beyond the tail. It inhabits Central America, especially Costa Rica. See cut under <internalXref urlencoded="trogon">trogon</internalXref>. Also <em>quesal, quijal.</em>
  • A <xref>trogon</xref> of the genus Pharomacrus, especially the resplendent quetzal Pharomacrus mocinno, with very long tail feathers, found in <xref>Guatemala</xref> and <xref>Costa Rica</xref>.
  • A <xref>monetary</xref> unit used in Guatemala, equal to 100 <xref>centavos</xref>.
  • the basic unit of money in Guatemala; equal to 100 centavos
  • large trogon of Central America and South America having golden-green and scarlet plumage
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