• Quiet, still, or inactive. <i>synonym</i>: <strong> inactive</strong>.
  • Characterized by an absence of upheaval or discord.
  • Having little or no sunspot activity.
  • Asymptomatic.
  • Resting; being in a state of repose; still; not moving: as, a <em>quiescent</em> body or fluid.
  • In <em>philology</em>, silent; not sounded; having no sound: as, a <em>quiescent</em> letter.
  • In <em>biology</em>, physiologically inactive or motionless; resting, as an insect in the chrysalis state, or an encysted amœba.
  • In <em>philology</em>, a silent letter.
  • A silent letter.
  • Being in a state of repose; at rest; still; not moving.
  • Not ruffed with passion; unagitated; not in action; not excited; quiet; dormant; resting.
  • Not sounded; silent.”
  • <xref>Inactive</xref>, at rest, <xref>quiet</xref>.
  • (pathology) causing no symptoms
  • not active or activated
  • being quiet or still or inactive
  • marked by a state of tranquil repose
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