• A North American freshwater fish <em>(Carpiodes cyprinus)</em> that has one ray of the dorsal fin extending conspicuously beyond the others.
  • The sailfish, spear-fish, or skimback, <em>Carpiodes cyprinus</em>, a kind of carp-sucker. The name is also given to other fishes of that genus, as <em>C. difformis.</em>
  • An American fresh-water fish (<spn>Ictiobus cyprinus</spn> syn. <spn>Carpiodes cyprinus</spn>); -- called also <altname>carp sucker</altname>, <altname>sailfish</altname>, <altname>spearfish</altname>, and <altname>skimback</altname>.
  • Carpiodes cyprinus, a <xref>freshwater</xref> <xref>fish</xref> of the <xref>sucker</xref> family with a long <xref>filament</xref> that extends back from the <xref>dorsal</xref> <xref>fin</xref>.
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