• Happening once every five years.
  • Lasting for five years.
  • A fifth anniversary.
  • A period of five years.
  • Occurring once in five years.
  • Recurring in the fifth year, reckoning both years of occurrence; occurring every fourth year. See II., 2.
  • Lasting five years.
  • A period of five years; a quinquenniad; hence, something characterized by such a period or interval, as an anniversary, or a college catalogue.
  • A festival or celebration occurring once in four years; an anniversary in the fifth year.
  • Occurring once in five years, or at the end of every five years; also, lasting five years. A quinquennial event.
  • that <xref>happens</xref> every five <xref>years</xref>
  • that <xref>lasts</xref> for five years
  • a fifth <xref>anniversary</xref>
  • a five year <xref>period</xref>
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