• A sequence of five cards of the same suit in one hand in piquet.
  • A quintuplet.
  • An abbreviation of <internalXref urlencoded="quintet">quintet</internalXref>, 2.
  • A prefix of the names of musical instruments and of organ-stops, denoting a variety whose pitch is a fifth above or below that of the usual variety.
  • A set or sequence of five, as in piquet.
  • In <em>music</em>, same as <internalXref urlencoded="fifth">fifth</internalXref>, 2.
  • In <em>organ-building</em>, a stop giving tones a fifth above the normal pitch of the digitals used.
  • The smallest of the three varieties of viola da bracchio. See <internalXref urlencoded="viol">viol</internalXref>.
  • The E string or chanterelle of a violin: probably so called from the highest string of the lute.
  • In <em>fencing</em>, the fifth of the eight parries in sword-play. It is taught in the schools, but rarely used in practice.
  • A set or sequence of five, as in piquet.
  • The interval of a fifth.
  • one of a set of <er>quintuplets</er>.
  • an <xref>interval</xref> of one <xref>fifth</xref>
  • a <xref>sequence</xref> of five <xref>playing cards</xref> of the same <xref>suit</xref>; equivalent to a <xref>straight flush</xref> in poker
  • a <xref>quin</xref> or <xref>quintuplet</xref>
  • A vehicle used by <xref>firefighters</xref> that combines the capabilities of a <xref>fire engine</xref> and a <xref>fire truck</xref>, having the ability to provide vertical access as well as pump water to fight a fire.
  • <xref>quinte</xref>; In fencing, the fifth fencer in parrying or attacking position.
  • the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one
  • one of five children born at the same time from the same pregnancy
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