• None
  • A composition for five voices or five instruments.
  • A group of five singers or five instrumentalists.
  • A group of five.
  • In <em>music</em>: A movement for five solo parts, either vocal or instrumental. Instrumental quintets are essentially similar to quartets.
  • A company of five singers or players who perform quintets.
  • A bicycle made to carry five.
  • A composition for five voices or instruments; also, the set of five persons who sing or play five-part music.
  • A <xref>composition</xref> (a type of <xref>chamber music</xref>) in <xref>five</xref> parts (typically each a <xref>singer</xref> or instrumentalist, sometimes several <xref>musicians</xref>)
  • A <xref>group</xref> of five musicians, fit to play such a piece of music together
  • Any group of five members
  • a musical composition for five performers
  • five performers or singers who perform together
  • the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one
  • five people considered as a unit
  • a set of five similar things considered as a unit
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