• None
  • A theological or philosophical issue presented for formal argument or disputation.
  • Formal disputation of such an issue.
  • A usually humorous medley.
  • A scholastic argumentation upon a subject chosen at will, but almost always theological.
  • In <em>music</em>: A fantasia or potpourri.
  • A fanciful or humorous harmonic combination of two or more well-known melodies: sometimes equivalent to a <em>Dutch concert.</em>
  • A nice point; a subtilty; a debatable point.
  • A medley improvised by several performers.
  • A form of music with melodies in counterpoint.
  • A mode of philosophical debate popular in the <xref>Middle Ages</xref>, in which any question could be posed <xref>extemporaneously</xref>.
  • an issue that is presented for formal disputation
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