• A sharp-edged cutting instrument used especially for shaving or cutting hair, especially from the face or legs.
  • None
  • An electric device with vibrating or rotating blades used for shaving or cutting hair close to the skin.
  • To shave, cut, or remove with a razor or similar cutting implement.
  • To shave with a razor, as the face or chin; remove with a razor, as a beard.
  • A sharp-edged instrument used for shaving the face or head.
  • A tusk: as, the <em>razors</em> of a boar.
  • A keen-edged knife of peculiar shape, used in shaving the hair from the face or the head; also called a <altname>straight razor</altname>.
  • a device used for shaving, having a replaceable blade with a very sharp edge; also called <altname>safety razor</altname>. Also a similar device, made of plastic, in which the blade is neither replaceable nor can be sharpened, intended to be discarded after the blade dulls -- called a <altname>disposable razor</altname>.
  • A tusk of a wild boar.
  • The razor shell.
  • a West Indian plant (<spn>Scleria scindens</spn>), the triangular stem and the leaves of which are edged with minute sharp teeth.
  • the European goat-sucker.
  • any marine bivalve shell belonging to Solen and allied genera, especially <spn>Solen ensis</spn> (or <spn>Ensatella ensis</spn>), and <spn>Solen Americana</spn>, which have a long, narrow, somewhat curved shell, resembling a razor handle in shape. Called also <altname>razor clam</altname>, <altname>razor fish</altname>, <altname>knife handle</altname>.
  • Same as <er>Novaculite</er>.
  • a strap or strop used in sharpening razors.
  • None
  • A keen-edged <xref>knife</xref> of peculiar shape, used in <xref>shaving</xref> the hair from the face or other parts of the body.
  • Any tool or instrument designed for shaving.
  • The sharp <xref>tusk</xref> of a wild <xref>boar</xref>.
  • A <xref>conceptual</xref> <xref>device</xref> that allows one to shave away unlikely explanations for a <xref>phenomenon</xref>.
  • To cut with a razor.
  • shave with a razor
  • edge tool used in shaving
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