• A receptacle, such as a coffer or shrine, for keeping or displaying sacred relics.
  • Of or pertaining to a reliquary.
  • Residual.
  • In <em>law</em>, one who owes a balance; also, a person who pays only piecemeal.
  • A repository for relics, often, though not necessarily, small enough to be carried on the person. See <internalXref urlencoded="shrine">shrine</internalXref>, and cut under <internalXref urlencoded="phylacterium">phylacterium</internalXref>.
  • A depositary, often a small box or casket, in which relics are kept.
  • A container to hold or display religious <xref>relics</xref>.
  • An object that sustains the memory of past people or events.
  • a container where religious relics are stored or displayed (especially relics of saints)
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