• Something that is required; a necessity.
  • Something obligatory; a prerequisite.
  • The act of requiring, in any sense; demand; requisition.
  • That which requires the doing of something; an authoritative or imperative command; an essential condition; claim.
  • That which is required; something demanded or necessary.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> <em>Requisite, Requirement</em> (see <internalXref urlencoded="requisite">requisite</internalXref>), mandate, injunction, charge.
  • The act of requiring; demand; requisition.
  • That which is required; an imperative or authoritative command; an essential condition; something needed or necessary; a need.
  • A <xref>necessity</xref> or <xref>prerequisite</xref>; something <xref>required</xref> or <xref>obligatory</xref>.
  • Something asked.
  • A statement (in domain specific terms) which specifies a verifiable <xref>constraint</xref> on an implementation that it shall undeniably meet or (a) be deemed unacceptable, or (b) result in implementation failure, or (c) result in system failure.
  • anything indispensable
  • required activity
  • something that is required in advance
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