• The act of requiting.
  • Return, as for an injury or friendly act.
  • The act of requiting, or that which requites: return for any office, good or bad.
  • In a bad sense, retaliation or punishment.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> Remuneration, payment, retribution. <em>Requital</em> differs from the other nouns indicating reward in expressing most emphatically either a full reward or a sharp retaliation. In the latter sense it comes near <em>revenge</em> (which see).
  • The act of requiting; also, that which requites; return, good or bad, for anything done; in a good sense, compensation; recompense; ; in a bad sense, retaliation, or punishment.
  • <xref>Compensation</xref> for <xref>loss</xref> or <xref>damage</xref>; <xref>amends</xref>.
  • <xref>retaliation</xref> or <xref>reprisal</xref>; <xref>vengeance</xref>.
  • a justly deserved penalty
  • an act of requiting; returning in kind
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