• A variation of croquet played with short-handled mallets on a hard court that is bounded by a concrete wall against which a ball may rebound and be retrieved.
  • An American game, a modification of croquet. It differs in many details from the parent game; principally, however, in the more perfect surface upon which it is played, the addition of a boundary used somewhat as a cushion in billiards, more perfect balls and clubs, and a more correct setting as well as a narrowing of the wickets.
  • A form of croquet modified for greater accuracy of play. The court has a wood border often faced with rubber, used as a cushion in bank shots. The balls are 31/4 in. in diameter, the cage (center arches or wickets) 33/8 in. wide, the other arches 31/2 in. wide.
  • a form of <xref>croquet</xref> using short-handled <xref>mallets</xref>, and played on a hard surface
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