• The fallopian tube.
  • The eustachian tube.
  • An ancient Greek military trumpet of metal having a straight, flaring tube. It was used for signals. Compare the Roman <em>tuba</em> (<internalXref urlencoded="tuba">tuba</internalXref>, 4).
  • A Fallopian tube.
  • A Eustachian tube, or syrinx.
  • [<em>capitalized</em>] In <em>entomology</em>, a genus of lepidopterous insects.
  • The Eustachian tube, or the Fallopian tube.
  • <xref>Fallopian tube</xref>
  • <xref>Eustachian tube</xref>
  • a tube in the uterus or the ear
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