• An onyx with alternating brown and white bands of sard and other minerals.
  • A chalcedony or agate consisting of two or more layers of brown or red combined with white or other color. Since about 1870 the name has been given to a chalcedony stained with various shades of red to deep brown.
  • In <em>heraldry</em>, a tincture, the color murrey or sanguine, when blazoning is done by precious stones.
  • A variety of onyx consisting of sard and white chalcedony in alternate layers.
  • A <xref>gemstone</xref> having bands of red <xref>sard</xref>; a variety of <xref>onyx</xref> or <xref>chalcedony</xref>.
  • an onyx characterized by parallel layers of sard and a different colored mineral
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