• A lively movement, commonly in 3/4 time, introduced as a replacement for a minuet in pieces with multiple movements.
  • In <em>music</em>, a passage or movement of a light or playful character; specifically, one of the usual movements of a sonata or symphony, following the slow movement, and taking the place of the older minuet, and, like it, usually combined with a trio. The scherzo was first established in its place by Beethoven.
  • A playful, humorous movement, commonly in 3-4 measure, which often takes the place of the old minuet and trio in a sonata or a symphony.
  • A piece of music or a <xref>movement</xref> from a larger piece such as a <xref>symphony</xref>; especially, a piece of music played in a playful manner.
  • a fast movement (usually in triple time)
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