• None
  • In <em>law</em>: Originally, the completion of the ceremony of feudal investiture, by which the tenant was admitted into his freehold.
  • Hence— Possession as of freehold—that is, the possession which a freeholder could assert and maintain by appeal to law.
  • Possession of land actual or constructive under rightful title.
  • The thing possessed.
  • (<em>e</em> ) Ownership and possession of chattels.
  • Possession; possession of an estate of froehold. It may be either in <ex>deed</ex> or in <ex>law</ex>; the former when there is actual possession, the latter when there is a right to such possession by construction of law. In some of the United States <ex>seizin</ex> means merely <ex>ownership</ex>.
  • The act of taking possession.
  • The thing possessed; property.
  • See Note under <er>Livery</er>, 1.
  • Alternative form of <xref>seisin</xref>.
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