• A binding of multiple turns of thread or light line around a rope end to keep it from unlaying.
  • The lighter line so used.
  • The act of taking hold or possession.
  • <em>Nautical</em>, the operation of fastening, binding, or lashing with several turns of a cord, or the fastening so made; also, the cord used for that purpose; seizing-stuff. See also cut under <internalXref urlencoded="rose-lashing">rose-lashing</internalXref>.
  • The act of taking or grasping suddenly.
  • None
  • The operation of fastening together or lashing.
  • The cord or lashing used for such fastening.
  • a type of <xref>lashing</xref> or <xref>binding</xref> by a small cord
  • Present participle of <xref>seize</xref>.
  • the act of gripping something firmly with the hands (or the tentacles)
  • small stuff that is used for lashing two or more ropes together
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