• The giant sequoia.
  • Either of two similar trees, the redwood or the dawn redwood.
  • A genus of coniferous trees, of the tribe <em>Abietineæ</em> and subtribe <em>Taxodinæ.</em>
  • A genus of coniferous trees, consisting of two species, <spn>Sequoia Washingtoniana</spn>, syn. <spn>S. gigantea</spn>, the “big tree” of California, and <spn>S. sempervirens</spn>, the redwood, both of which attain an immense height.
  • Sequoiadendron giganteum, a <xref>coniferous</xref> <xref>evergreen</xref> <xref>tree</xref> formerly in the genus <xref>Sequoia</xref>, now placed in Sequoiadendron.
  • Sequoia sempervirens, a coniferous evergreen tree, the only living species of the genus Sequoia.
  • either of two huge coniferous California trees that reach a height of 300 feet; sometimes placed in the Taxodiaceae
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