• The fourth of the seven canonical hours.
  • The time of day set aside for this service, usually the sixth hour, or noon.
  • In the Roman Catholic and Greek churches, in religious houses, and as a devotional office in the Anglican Church, the office of the sixth hour, originally and properly said at midday. See <internalXref urlencoded="canonical%20hours">canonical hours</internalXref>, under <em>canonical.</em>
  • In <em>music</em>:
  • The interval of a sixth.
  • In organ-building, a mixture-stop of two ranks separated by a sixth—that is, consisting of a twelfth and a seventeenth.
  • The office for the sixth canonical hour, being a part of the Breviary.
  • The sixth book of the decretals, added by Pope Boniface VIII.
  • A <xref>sexual</xref> <xref>text message</xref>.
  • Any electronic message with sexual context.
  • To send a sext message.
  • To send (someone) a (sext message).
  • The <xref>fourth</xref> of the <xref>canonical hours</xref>; usually held at <xref>noon</xref>.
  • the fourth of the seven canonical hours; about noon
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