• Relating to, involving, or characteristic of sex or sexuality, or the sex organs and their functions.
  • Relating to the sexes or to gender.
  • None
  • Relating to, involving, or being reproduction characterized by the union of male and female gametes.
  • Able to reproduce in this way; fertile.
  • Of or pertaining to sex or the sexes in general: as, <em>sexual</em> characteristics.
  • Distinctive of sex, whether male or female; peculiar to or characteristic of either sex; genital: as, <em>sexual</em> organs: the <em>sexual</em> system.
  • Of the two sexes; done by means of the two sexes; reproductive: as, <em>sexual</em> intercourse; <em>sexual</em> reproduction.
  • Peculiar to or affecting the sexes or organs of sex; venereal: as, <em>sexual</em> disease or malformation.
  • Having sex: sexed; separated into two sexes; monœcious: the opposite of <internalXref urlencoded="asexual">asexual</internalXref>: as a <em>sexual</em> animal.
  • Such degree of affinity between the sexes of different species as enables these species to interbreed or hybridize.
  • In <em>botany</em>, a system of classification founded on the distinction of sexes in plants, as male and female. Also called <em>sexual method, artificial system, Linnean system.</em> See <internalXref urlencoded="Linnean">Linnean</internalXref>.
  • Of or pertaining to sex, or the sexes; distinguishing sex; peculiar to the distinction and office of male or female; relating to the distinctive genital organs of the sexes; proceeding from, or based upon, sex.
  • the condition of having one of the sexes existing in two forms, or varieties, differing in color, size, etc., as in many species of butterflies which have two kinds of females.
  • a method of classification proposed by Linnæus, founded mainly on difference in number and position of the stamens and pistils of plants.
  • the selective preference of one sex for certain characteristics in the other, such as bright colors, musical notes, etc.; also, the selection which results from certain individuals of one sex having more opportunities of pairing with the other sex, on account of greater activity, strength, courage, etc.; applied likewise to that kind of evolution which results from such sexual preferences.
  • Of or relating to having <xref>sex</xref>, sexual acts and sexual reproduction.
  • Of or relating to <xref>gender</xref>.
  • Of or relating to <xref>sexuality</xref>.
  • Of or relating to <xref>sexual orientations</xref>, sexual identity or <xref>preferences</xref> with respect to <xref>sexual intercourse</xref>
  • A species which reproduces by sexual rather than asexual reproduction, or a member of such a species.
  • A person who experiences <xref>sexual</xref> <xref>attraction</xref>, a person who has interest in or desire for <xref>sex</xref> (especially as contrasted with an <xref>asexual</xref>).
  • having or involving sex
  • involved in a sexual relationship
  • of or relating to or characterized by sexuality
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