• Consisting of or marked by only one part or element.
  • Of or relating to a telecommunications system in which only one message can be sent in either direction at one time.
  • A Euclidean geometric spatial element having the minimum number of boundary points, such as a line segment in one-dimensional space, a triangle in two-dimensional space, or a tetrahedron in three-dimensional space.
  • A word that has no affixes and is not part of a compound; a simple word.
  • Simple; single: applied to telegraphy.
  • <xref>Single</xref>, <xref>simple</xref>; not <xref>complex</xref>.
  • <xref>unidirectional</xref>
  • An <xref>analogue</xref> in any <xref>dimension</xref> of the <xref>triangle</xref> or <xref>tetrahedron</xref>: the <xref>convex hull</xref> of n+1 <xref>points</xref> in n-<xref>dimensional</xref> <xref>space</xref>.
  • A simple word, one without affixes.
  • having only one part or element
  • allowing communication in only one direction at a time, or in telegraphy allowing only one message over a line at a time
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