• The cardinal number equal to the sum of 15 + 1.
  • The 16th in a set or sequence.
  • Being the sum of six and ten; consisting of one more than fifteen: a cardinal numeral.
  • Then umber made up of six and ten; four times four.
  • A symbol representing this number, as 16, or XVI, or xvi.
  • The number greater by a unit than fifteen; the sum of ten and six; sixteen units or objects.
  • A symbol representing sixteen units, as 16, or xvi.
  • Six and ten; consisting of six and ten; fifteen and one more.
  • The cardinal number occurring after fifteen and before seventeen, represented in Arabic numerals as 16 and in Roman numerals as <xref>XVI</xref>.
  • being one more than fifteen
  • the cardinal number that is the sum of fifteen and one
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