• None
  • Shabby, dirty, and vulgar; tawdry.
  • Dishonest or corrupt; disreputable.
  • Made of low-quality materials; cheap or shoddy.
  • Thin and loosely woven; flimsy.
  • Of thin or flimsy substance; composed of poor or light material: said of a textile fabric.
  • Wanting firmness of texture or substance; thin; flimsy.
  • Marked by low <xref>quality</xref>; <xref>inferior</xref>; <xref>inadequate</xref>.
  • <xref>Dishonorable</xref>; <xref>base</xref>; <xref>vulgar</xref>; <xref>raunchy</xref>; <xref>sordid</xref>.
  • of cloth; thin and loosely woven
  • morally degraded
  • of very poor quality; flimsy
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