• A small group of people organized in a common endeavor or activity.
  • The smallest tactical unit of military personnel.
  • A small unit of police officers.
  • An athletic team.
  • To draw up in a squad.
  • <em>Milit.</em>, any small number of men assembled, as for drill, inspection, or duty.
  • Any small party or group of persons: as, a <em>squad</em> of navvies; a set of people in general: usually somewhat contemptuous.
  • Soft, slimy mud.
  • In <em>mining</em>, loose ore of tin mixed with earth.
  • Sloppy mud.
  • A small party of men assembled for drill, inspection, or other purposes.
  • Hence, any small party.
  • A <xref>group</xref> of people <xref>organized</xref> for some <xref>common</xref> purpose, usually of about ten members.
  • A unit of <xref>tactical</xref> <xref>military</xref> <xref>personnel</xref>, or of <xref>police officers</xref>, usually of about ten members.
  • A <xref>group</xref> of <xref>potential</xref> <xref>players</xref> from whom a starting <xref>team</xref> and <xref>substitutes</xref> are chosen.
  • <xref>sloppy</xref> <xref>mud</xref>
  • a small squad of policemen trained to deal with a particular kind of crime
  • a smallest army unit
  • a cooperative unit (especially in sports)
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