• Of or relating to the thin, platelike part of the human temporal bone or to a corresponding part in other vertebrates.
  • A squamosal bone.
  • Scale-like or squamous: noting only the squamosal, See II.
  • In <em>zoology</em> and <em>anatomy</em>, the squamous division of the temporal bone; the thin, expansive, scale-like element of the compound temporal bone; a membrane-bone, morphologically distinct from other parts of the temporal, filling a gap in the cranial walls, articulating in man and mammals with the lower jaw, in birds and reptiles with the suspensorium (quadrate bone) of the lower jaw, effecting squamous suture with various cranial bones, and forming by its zygomatic process in mammals a part of the zygoma, or jugal bar.
  • Scalelike; squamous.
  • Of or pertaining to the squamosal bone.
  • Of or pertaining to the <xref>platelike</xref> part of the <xref>temporal bone</xref>
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