• To spend wastefully or extravagantly; dissipate. <i>synonym</i>: <strong> waste</strong>.
  • To fail to take advantage of.
  • To scatter.
  • Extravagant expenditure; prodigality.
  • The act of squandering.
  • To scatter; disperse.
  • To spend lavishly, profusely, or prodigally; dissipate; use without economy or judgment; lavish: as, to <internalXref urlencoded="squander">squander</internalXref> one's money or an estate.
  • To disperse; wander aimlessly; go at random.
  • To waste one's substance; go to wasteful expense; spend recklessly.
  • The act of squandering; waste.
  • To spend lavishly; to be wasteful.
  • To wander at random; to scatter.
  • To scatter; to disperse.
  • To spend lavishly or profusely; to spend prodigally or wastefully; to use without economy or judgment; to dissipate.
  • To <xref>waste</xref>, <xref>lavish</xref>, <xref>splurge</xref>
  • spend thoughtlessly; throw away
  • spend extravagantly
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