• None
  • Easily nauseated or sickened.
  • Nauseated.
  • Easily shocked or disgusted.
  • Excessively fastidious or scrupulous.
  • Easily disgusted or nauseated; hence, fastidious; scrupulous; particular; nice to excess in questions of propriety or taste; finical: as, a <em>squeamish</em> stomach; <em>squeamish</em> notions.
  • Qualmish; slightly nauseated; sickish: as, a <em>squeamish</em> feeling.
  • <strong>Synonyms</strong> <em>Dainty, Fastidious</em>, etc. (see <internalXref urlencoded="nice">nice</internalXref>), overnice, straitlaced.
  • Having a stomach that is easily turned or nauseated; hence, nice to excess in taste; fastidious; easily disgusted; apt to be offended at trifling improprieties.
  • easily <xref>bothered</xref> or <xref>upset</xref>; tending to be <xref>nauseous</xref> or <xref>nervous</xref>
  • excessively fastidious and easily disgusted
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