• To subdue forcibly.
  • To inhibit or suppress.
  • To crush by trampling.
  • To produce a splashing, squishing, or sucking sound, as when walking through ooze.
  • A squishing sound.
  • An electric circuit that cuts off a radio receiver when the signal is too weak for reception of anything but noise.
  • A crushing blow; a heavy fall.
  • To crush down; stamp on as if squeezing out something liquid; put an end to.
  • To disconcert; discomfit; put down.
  • To be crushed.
  • To make a sound like that produced by treading in mud.
  • A heavy fall, as of something flat.
  • A crushing reply.
  • To quell; to crush; to silence or put down.
  • To make a sound like that made by the feet of one walking in mud or slush; to make a kind of swashing sound; to squish; also, to move with such a sound.
  • to halt, stop, <xref>eliminate</xref>, <xref>stamp out</xref>, or <xref>put down</xref>, often suddenly or by force
  • to suppress the unwanted <xref>hiss</xref> or <xref>static</xref> between received transmissions by adjusting the gain of your receiver.
  • to make a sucking, splashing noise as when walking on muddy ground
  • to walk or step through a substance such as mud
  • A squelching sound.
  • to compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition
  • a crushing remark
  • make a sucking sound
  • suppress or crush completely
  • walk through mud or mire
  • an electric circuit that cuts off a receiver when the signal becomes weaker than the noise
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