• None
  • Any of several fishes related to the weakfish.
  • A salt-water sciænoid fish, <em>Cynoscion regalis</em> (formerly <internalXref urlencoded="Otolithus%20regalis">Otolithus regalis</internalXref>), also called <em>weakfish, sea-salmon</em>, and <em>sea-trout</em> in common with some other members of the same genus.
  • An American sciænoid fish (<spn>Cynoscion regalis</spn>), abundant on the Atlantic coast of the United States, and much valued as a food fish. It is of a bright silvery color, with iridescent reflections. Called also <altname>weakfish</altname>, <altname>squitee</altname>, <altname>chickwit</altname>, and <altname>sea trout</altname>. The spotted squeteague (<spn>Cynoscion nebulosus</spn>) of the Southern United States is a similar fish, but the back and upper fins are spotted with black. It is called also <altname>spotted weakfish</altname> and <altname>squit</altname>, and, locally, <altname>sea trout</altname>, and <altname>sea salmon</altname>. See also under <xref urlencoded="squitee">squitee</xref>.
  • A silvery <xref>edible</xref> <xref>American</xref> <xref>sciaenoid</xref> <xref>fish</xref> (Cynoscion regalis).
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