• <em>Nautical</em>:
  • An implement somewhat resembling a wooden hoe, with an edge of india-rubber or thick leather, used to scrape the water from wet decks.
  • A small swab.
  • A becket and toggle used to confine a studdingsail while setting it.
  • One of several implements constructed like the nautical implement above defined (1 ), used for washing glass, in photographic work, etc. See <internalXref urlencoded="squeegee">squeegee</internalXref>, 2.
  • <em>Nautical</em>, to scrape (the wet decks of a ship) with a squilgee.
  • Formerly, a small swab for drying a vessel's deck; now, a kind of scraper having a blade or edge of rubber or of leather, -- used for removing superfluous water or other liquids, as from a vessel's deck after washing, from window panes, photographer's plates, etc.
  • To swab, press, or treat with a squilgee.
  • A <xref>squeegee</xref>; a <xref>scraper</xref> for removing liquid.
  • A small <xref>swab</xref> used for <xref>drying</xref> a <xref>vessel</xref>'s <xref>deck</xref>.
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