• Any of various mantis shrimps of the genus <em>Squilla,</em> having sharp claws used for spearing prey.
  • The representative genus of <em>Squillidæ</em>, containing such crustaceans as <em>S. mantis</em>, the common mantis-shrimp or locust-shrimp. The southern squill of the United States is <em>Coronis glabriuscula.</em> See cuts under <internalXref urlencoded="mantis-shrimp">mantis-shrimp</internalXref> and <em>Squillidæ.</em>
  • Same as <internalXref urlencoded="squill">squill</internalXref>, 1.
  • Same as <internalXref urlencoded="squill">squill</internalXref>, 2.
  • Any one of numerous stomapod crustaceans of the genus Squilla and allied genera. They make burrows in mud or beneath stones on the seashore. Called also <altname>mantis shrimp</altname>. See <ex>Illust.</ex> under <xref urlencoded="stomapoda">stomapoda</xref>.
  • Any of the <xref>genus</xref> Squilla of mantis shrimps.
  • a kind of mantis shrimp
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