• One of the divisions of a poem, composed of two or more lines usually characterized by a common pattern of meter, rhyme, and number of lines.
  • Pl. <em>stanze</em> (-ze). In <em>architecture</em>, an apartment or division in a building; a room or chamber: as, the <em>stanze</em> of Raphael in the Vatican.
  • In <em>versification</em>, a series of lines arranged in a fixed order of sequence as regards their length, metrical form, or rimes, and constituting a typical group, or one of a number of similar groups, composing a poem or part of a poem.
  • A number of lines or verses forming a division of a song or poem, and agreeing in meter, rhyme, number of lines, etc., with other divisions; a part of a poem, ordinarily containing every variation of measure in that poem; a combination or arrangement of lines usually recurring, whether like or unlike, in measure.
  • An apartment or division in a building; a room or chamber.
  • A unit of a <xref>poem</xref>, written or printed as a <xref>paragraph</xref>; equivalent to a <xref>verse</xref>.
  • An <xref>apartment</xref> or <xref>division</xref> in a <xref>building</xref>.
  • A <xref>structural</xref> <xref>element</xref> in <xref>XML</xref>
  • a fixed number of lines of verse forming a unit of a poem
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