• Of, relating to, or conforming to a text or texts.
  • Of, pertaining to, or contained in the text: as, <em>textual</em> criticism; <em>textual</em> errors.
  • Based on texts.
  • Acquainted with texts and capable of quoting them precisely; learned or versed in texts.
  • One versed in texts; a textualist.
  • Of, pertaining to, or contained in, the text.
  • Serving for, or depending on, texts.
  • Familiar with texts or authorities so as to cite them accurately.
  • Of, or pertaining to <xref>text</xref>.
  • Pertaining to <xref>text messages</xref>, by analogy with <xref>sexual</xref>: <xref>textual harassment</xref>, textual intercourse; compare <xref>sexting</xref>.
  • of or relating to or based on a text
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