• A moth of the family Tortricidae; a tortricid.
  • In <em>herpetology</em>:
  • The typical genus of <em>Tortricidæ</em>: same as <internalXref urlencoded="Ilysia.%20T.%20scytale">Ilysia. T. scytale</internalXref> is the coralsnake of Demerara.
  • A snake of this genus.
  • In <em>entomology</em>:
  • A genus of moths, typical of the family <em>Tortricidæ.</em>
  • Any moth of the family <em>Tortricidæ</em>: as, the cherry-tree <em>tortrix, Cacœcia cerasivorana.</em>
  • Any one of numerous species of small moths of the family <ex>Tortricidæ</ex>, the larvæ of which usually roll up the leaves of plants on which they live; -- also called <altname>leaf roller</altname>.
  • A genus of tropical short-tailed snakes, which are not venomous. One species (<spn>Tortrix scytal</spn>æ) is handsomely banded with black, and is sometimes worn alive by the natives of Brazil for a necklace.
  • Any member of the <xref>moth</xref> <xref>genus</xref> Tortrix.
  • small Indian moth infesting e.g. tea and coffee plants
  • California moth whose larvae live in especially oranges
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