• Composed of three parts; threefold; triple.
  • Having three apartments, divisions, or floors.
  • Something, such as an apartment building, that is triplex.
  • Three-fold; triple; specifically, having three elements or working parts: used of pulleys with three sheaves, of pumps with three plungers, of steam-engines with three cylinders, etc.
  • Triple time in music.
  • Having three principal operative parts or motions, so as to produce a three-fold effect.
  • Having three parts; <xref>triple</xref> or <xref>threefold</xref>.
  • Having three floors or other divisions.
  • A <xref>building</xref> with three <xref>apartments</xref> or <xref>divisions</xref>
  • throwing motion where three balls are thrown with one hand at the same time.
  • having three units or components or elements
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